500 HOURS race - FINISHED at 1:31 21/10/2014

Старт 01.10.2014, 0:00:00 — финиш 21.10.2014, 01:31:17

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August 23, 2011 - The Russian First Selection Stage of the TransGlobal Autostop Race (TGAR) has been successfully completed.. Of the 6 competing teams, only 4 have made it to the Finish Point, situated near motorway M10 (part of the European route M18) approximately midway between St. Petersburg and Vyborg. The rest have left the distance, unable to stand the three-week competition.

The race begun on August 7 in Moscow, the Start being at MKAD interchange with M2 highway.

Six two-person teams took part in the race. Two of them were from the St. Petersburg AutoStop League (PASL), another two, from the Moscow Team of Competitive Hitch-hiking (MKSA), while Nizhny Novgorod Hitchhiking Club (NiKA) and St. Petersburg-based Hitchiking Masters Guild (GMA) were represented by one team each.

After all the participants had finished and their logs had been scrutinized by the Judge, the winners were announced as follows: first place – MKSA2 (Igor Gefenider & Juliana Mikhailova), second place - NiKA10 (Alexander Medov & Irina Kanteeva), third place – PASL4 (Alexey Vorov  & Tatyana Ovchinnikova).

The route of the race spanned 20 Federal regions of Russia, all within the European part of the country. The first day and night were spent maneuvering in “technical area” in the Moscow Oblast, then the contestants headed East, mostly following second-class roads. Having crossed Tatarstan, Udmurtia and Kirov Oblast, the teams turned back west, finishing the first part of the race near Cheboksary. After a two-day rest in the intermediate camp on the bank of Volga, the race continued mostly in Northwest direction (Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Vologda Oblasts and Karelia), up to the Kola Peninsula, where one of the checkpoints was placed on the highest point of Khibiny Mountains. This was following by a concluding “technical area” in the vicinity of St. Petersburg and the Finish on Karelian Isthmus. Well-balanced route allowed the participants to fully display their tactical and planning skills, including the ability to distribute periods of obligatorily rest in the most effective manner, as well as orienteering, backpacking and mountaineering skills.

Not everybody felt equal to the task. Teams PASL S1 and GMA1 quitted prematurely, which should be no surprise, for during the first part of the race the contestants suffered from intense heat (36 degrees Centigrade is abnormally hot weather for this part of Russia) and, occasionally, lack of drinkable water, which made the competition considerably more difficult. The second part of the race saw a quite different picture: in Vologda Oblast and Karelia the weather was cold and rainy; yet even constant rains were endured better, than scorching sun.

In the short-range perspective, the Organizing Committee are going to focus on supporting similar national Selection Stages in other countries and regions: Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine, Germany, France, Spain, UK, USA… These Selection Stages will determine national teams that will compete against each other along common route in the Second Selection Stage. The latter will identify 10 strongest pairs to participate in the TransGlobal Race proper..

Our playground is the whole globe (territories of Russia, China, Alaska, Canada, ConUS,. Central America, North Africa, Western and Eastern Europe). The farthermost checkpoint is Cerro  Las Minas, the highest peak of Honduras. The TransGlobal Race is expected to last about 65-70 days.

Things are not yet finished for Russia too. According to the Regulations, the country can put forth up to 10 teams for the Second Stage. Due to a small number of participants, only 3 teams have been selected after the August race. This means that an additional Russian Selection Stage is going to be held soon.

The motto of the event is “Everybody has the right to see their planet”. This attitude is shared by TGAR’s principal partners: Russian Union of Tourism Industry and Kit Finans Strakhovanie insurance company, which is going to cover insurance of the participants during the round-the-globe competition.

Details of the Russian 1st Selection Stage (including photos, daily updates of teams’ movement, tweets, etc.), final results, as well as TGAR Regulations can be found at: http://transglobal-race.org/.



For requests for various types of cooperation:

Alexey Vorov, President of Petersburg Autostop League, +7-911-215-9430, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (St. Petersburg).

For offers of media support, partnership and sponsorship:

Yana Kislyakova, Project Coordinator, +7-916-365-0093, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Moscow)


We are eager to provide consulting and technical assistance for organization of similar competitive events in other countries. Feel free to contact us.


Grateful for your attention and professionalism,
TransGlobal Autostop Race Organizing Committee
Russia, 2011