500 HOURS race - FINISHED at 1:31 21/10/2014

Старт 01.10.2014, 0:00:00 — финиш 21.10.2014, 01:31:17

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Regulations and Rules

General regulations

Established in 1978, the St. Petersburg AutoStop League (PASL) was the first to suggest the idea of a hitchhiking competition. More than 200 compatitions have been organized by PASL during its 33 years of existence.

The First TransGlobal Autostop Race is a new step forward. Its key goal is the progress and popularization of competitive hitchhiking as a form of adventure travel.


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Global Race competition rules


Route is a non-changing concrete notion from start to finish, which is identified by the location of checkpoints (CP) as well as the order of passing them. The Organizational Committee of Global Race creates the route with participants being informed of its path no earlier than 3 days prior to the start. In accordance with the information revealed, participants are allowed to pass certain CP in random order, but all other CP must be passed in a set order.


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