500 HOURS race - FINISHED at 1:31 21/10/2014

Старт 01.10.2014, 0:00:00 — финиш 21.10.2014, 01:31:17

Фриланс студия AlmostAll
Route of the 1st Selection Round (Russia)


Start: MKAD, junction to M2 motorway  -  August 7, 2011, 10am

1st Stage:
REST 70 hrs/20

1А) Mostovik (northern entrance)
1B) Bogorodskoye (the one on Konstantinovo-Verbilki road, entrance from Verbolki)
2А) Kholmets (southern entrance)
2В) Sevvodstroy (aka Gidrouzel) (entrance from Ruza)
2С) Zvenigorod (entrance from M9)
3) Railroad crossing between Shatura and Krivandino (level crossing sign from the direction of Shatura)
4) Gus-Khrustalny (northern entrance)
5) road exit to Penza (not the city of Penza, but a settlement in Vladimir Oblast, between Murom and Vyazniki!) (“Give way” sign or the entrance plate from the South)
6А) Sosnovskoye (northern entrance)
6В) Sakony (beginning of bridge railing on the right when travelling from the North)
7) The area of Buinsk (the one in Chuvashia), orienteering (crossing loop Mirny, exit lights in the northen direction)
8) Starye Kutushi (entrance from Nurlat)
9А) Lema (entrance from Zuevka or the “Give way” sign)
9В) Sovetsk (entrance from Sernur)
9С) Sernur (entrance from Sovetsk)
10А) Lake Tetyorkino, orienteering (west end of the lake) Road Yoshkar-Ola – Kazan, turn onto Kichier (elk as a reference point)
10В) Lake Olange, orienteering (west shore of the lake)
Finish: Intermediate finish: - Varlamovka camping (to finish, touch the stub sticking out in the middle of the creek). Rest in the camp – 48 hrs.

Check time: 48 hrs after the leading team has finished.

2nd Stage:
REST 74hrs/20

11) motorway Kirov – Nizhny Novgorod, exit to Voskresenskoye (“Give way” sign)
12) exit to Khrenovo (“Give way” sign)
13А) Bezhetsk (northern entrance)
13В) Sheksna (entrance from Cherepovets)
14) Medvezhyegorsk (junction on M18, beginning of bridge railing on the right when travelling from the North)
15) exit to Apatity from М18 (“Give way” sign; please, stick your tags higher!)
16) Mt. Yudytchvumtchchorr, triangulation on the top
17) exit to Apatity from М18 (“Give way” sign; please, stick your tags lower!)
18) Shuiskaya (entrance from Kondopoga)
19А) Lake Turye, orienteering (beginning of a creek at the north end of the lake)
19В) Lake Tilom, orienteering (top of the free-standing cube-shaped rock near the south end of the lake; for the checkpoint to be considered taken, both team members should be on top of the rock simultaneously)
19С) Lake Serdechko, orienteering (tip of the long promontory)
20А) road from Vyborg to Primorsk, exit to Sovetsky (“Give way” sign;)
20В) railroad bridge across Roshschinka river (beginning of bridge railing on the right when travelling from Primorsk)
20С) Lake Dedovo, orienteering (camping site at the north shore of the lake)
floating CP5) Segezha, entrance from M18
Finish: Lake Zateylivoye, the second cape

Check time: 96 hrs after the leading team has finished.


1All ferries allowed

2 Every day at the time of camping (or in the middle of the night, in case of riding overnight) each team should send the Coordinator a text message specifying their current location. In case of failure to do so for 3 consecutive days, the team is automatically disqualified from the Race.
3 When heading for CP Yudytchvumtchchorr, it is prohibited to leave backpacks midway with intention to pick them up on the way back.
4 Upon disembarking from the last car before CP Yudytchvumtchchorr and upon reaching a hitchhikeable road after, each Team should immediately notify the Coordinator about this via text message.
5Can be done in any order with respect to other checkpoints.