500 HOURS race - FINISHED at 1:31 21/10/2014

Старт 01.10.2014, 0:00:00 — финиш 21.10.2014, 01:31:17

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19-20.05.2012 - The 1st sport autostop race in Ukraine, conducted by UKSA (Ukrainian Sport Autostop Team). With participation and consulting by PASL members. See report on the race here (in Ukrainian language)


27.04 - 02.05.2012 - Participation of Alexey Vorov in autostop marathon Gdansk-Dubrovnik, conducted by Gdansk university (the race leader - Mihal Vitkevich).


6-8.04.2012 - Express-course of sport autostop theory conducted for DTSG by Alexey Vorov.


9-10.03.2012 - The 1st sport autostop race by DTSG, held in Germany (Alsfeld, Hessen). With participation and consulting by PASL members.


7-9.02.2012 - Race in Moscow region, with participation of TransGlobal Race regional representatives (from Germany, Lithuania and Ukraine), with organization meeting on the previous day.


27.11.2011 - Participation of Alexey Vorov in the founding meeting of DTSG in Germany.


13.11.2011 - Interview at "Radio Rossii", life broadcasting at 16:30. The Head of Project and Coordinator told about the race done and futher plans in program "Here is the connection!"


23.08.2011 - Finish of the Preliminary Selection round, the winners and other resultes published in "The race" section.

07.08.2011 - the Preliminary Selection round (Russia) has started, let's follow the race in 'Preliminary Round 2011' section!

08.07.2011 Meeting held with one of the people who run German autostop club Abgefahren e.V., for the purpose of futher partnership on TransGlobal Autostop Race project and the Selection tours organization in Germany.


07.07.2011 - at ITAR-TASS Saint-Petersburg press-conference conducted. The event was devoted to TransGlobal Autostop Race project launch, that was initiatied by touristic-sport club Petersburg Autostop League (PASL), supported by Russian Union of travel industry.

Post-release by Organization Committee posted in "Info for mass-media" section. The articles published after the press-conference were placed in "Publications about us" section.


28.05.2011 - TransGlobal Race web-site recovered!